Words by the Mayor

The Binyamina and Givat Ada moshavot (countryside towns) are located in the unique, green valley of Bikaat Hanadiv (the Benefactor’s Valley).
On the backdrop of lush vineyards, orchards and groves, agriculture fields, flowing streams and the Carmel mountain range's foothills looking out towards the sea, thrives a community established by pioneer farmers, who laid the foundations for a high quality diverse and dynamic community, comprising of, among the rest, farmers, hi-tech professionals, social entrepreneurs, artists and intellectuals.
Givat Ada was founded in 1903 and was named after Ada (Adelaide) de Rothschild.
Binyamina was founded in 1922 and was named in honor of Ada's husband, the Baron Edmond Benjamin Janes de Rothschild.
In 2003, the two neighboring moshavot merged and became “Binyamina-Givat Ada”, with each of the communities preserving their own unique identities, incorporated into a single municipal body.
The moshavot have a pastoral vibe to them, small towns within the countryside, not too far off from Israel's cities with all the benefits and perks deriving from the rural atmosphere as well as proximity to some of its most renown landmarks and its best Mediterranean beaches.
Today, our residents prefer nature over an urban landscape, countryside over the city, bicycles rather than cars and a rural landscape over skyscrapers.
It is in this spirit that the Binyamina Givat Ada council seeks to develop the two moshavot.
The main challenges for the coming years will be stabilizing and strengthening the communities’ economy, rejuvenating and upgrading the educational system, approving a suitable zoning and development plan for the entire region, completion of urban renewal projects, while preserving the communities’ rural characteristics and improving the physical appearance of the moshavot in the current spirit of sustainability
My administrative is open to every initiative that meets our community's spirit and vision, whether domestic or abroad and I welcome you to our aspiring community.
Ittai Weissberg
Binyamina-Givat Ada Local Council